Status Codes and Errors

This guide describes common errors returned via the Jasper API as well as their meanings.

Jasper uses common HTTP response status codes to indicate the success or failure of API requests. See below for the status codes and common errors.

Status codeStatus typeMessageMeaning
201CreatedN/AYour request was successful
400Bad Requestinputs.field_name should not be emptyThe field is required but is null
400Bad Requestinputs.field_name must be a typeThe field's value is not the valid type
400Bad Requestinputs.field_name should not existYour inputs object includes an invalid field name
400Bad Requestinputs must be an objectYour body parameters either do not include inputs or it is not of type object
400Bad Requestoptions.field_name must be one of the following values: valuesThe field value in the options object is not valid
400Bad RequestMissing required template input, inputKey: field_nameThe given template requires an input that was not included. You can GET this template to see what is required in the inputs to run the template.
400Bad RequestInput does not meet type requirements. Input inputKey expects maxLength: lengthThe value for the templates input key is too long
400Bad RequestInput does not meet type requirements. Input inputKey expects type: typeThe value for the templates input key is the wrong
400Bad RequestBad requestYour request was not successful due to an invalid request
401UnauthorizedInvalid Authentication TokenYour API key is invalid, expired, or not provided
402Request failedRequest failedYour request parameters were valid but the request itself failed
403ForbiddenAccess forbiddenYour API key doesn’t have adequate permissions for the request you are trying to make
404Not FoundNot FoundThe requested resource does not exist
429Too Many RequestsYou have reached your requests per minute limit. Please try again in a few minutes.You have reached the rate limit for your workspace. You can reach out to your CSM or AE to request an increase
500Internal Server ErrorInternal Server ErrorThe request failed due to an internal server error