This guide describes the expectations with the Jasper API in regards to API versioning.

Ensuring our API is reliable, robust, and stable is of utmost importance to us. Versioning is a critical part of any API in order to avoid breaking changes while also being able to deliver on our commitment to continually progress and improve the service.

Here are a few expectations related to deprecation and versioning so you can build your integration without fear that it will suddenly and unexpectedly break in the future.

Advance Notice

In the event we need to sunset an endpoint or deprecate any features of the public API, we will provide a minimum of 6 months advance notice.

Migration Guidance

Detailed documentation will be provided to help you migrate to a new, updated endpoint.

Non-Breaking Changes

Jasper does not considered the following changes to be breaking, and therefore, will not require advance notice:

  • New API endpoints
  • New read-only or optional fields
  • Endpoints or fields marked as deprecated


In case of security risks or issues that could negatively impact the API for other customers, we may need to deprecate without adhering to the above mentioned notice period. This will only be done in exceptional cases and we will communicate and provide support as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Versioning System

To date, we have not had to make any backwards-incompatible changes. For any backwards-incompatible changes, we plan to add versioning via calendar-based headers in the future.


We commit to ensuring our customers can adequately transition to new APIs or features, and are happy to provide technical support to ease this transition.