The Jasper AI Engine

This guide describes Jasper's AI Engine; model-agnostic AI infrastructure available via the Jasper API.

The Jasper Public API is not a passthrough API to a third-party AI model. When an endpoint is hit, requests are routed to Jasper's AI Engine.

The AI Engine intelligently routes use cases found in requests to AI models that are optimized for specific use cases. Simply put, Jasper's AI Engine ensures high-quality AI outputs by using various custom, proprietary, in-house models as well as a multitude of third-party models. As a consumer of the Jasper API, you do not have to worry about fine-tuning or model updates because the AI engine takes care of this work for you.

The AI Engine also protects against outages by allowing Jasper to fall back to other models or versions when an issue with a particular provider or model occurs.

An animation illustrating the AI Engine at work within Jasper's ecosystem:

In essence, the AI Engine is...

  • Fine-tuned for specific marketing-related use cases
  • Model agnostic
  • Leveraging multiple third-party AI models and versions and/or using Jasper's custom, proprietary models
  • Working alongside the API to deliver the highest quality output in content generations