Jasper's Make.com App

Use Jasper with Make.com to automate content creation workflows.

The Jasper AI integration for Make.com makes it easy to create automated workflows using Jasper in conjunction with over a 1000 other applications like Microsoft Excel, Jira, Airtable, and Wordpress.

We built this integration to enable marketing teams to get started with the Jasper API with no code.


In order to use Jasper's Make.com Integration, you will need the following:

  1. Jasper API key: Visit the Authentication page for information on how to generate a token within the Jasper app.
  2. Make.com account: You can create an account by visiting Make's login page.

Using the Jasper API with Make.com

Jasper has created the ability to utilize the API within Make.com through 3 core Make.com Actions: Run a Command, Run a Template, and Make an API Call.

Using the Jasper AI app within Make.com is as simple as:

  1. Create a Make.com Scenario
  2. Add Jasper as a module in the scenario, and select an one of the Jasper Actions
  3. Create a Jasper connection, and input your Jasper API key when prompted
  4. Start building out Scenarios to automate your content creation workflows!

For more information to help you get started, check out the Make.com Academy and Jasper AI Make.com Integration homepage.