Rate Limits

This guide describes the default API rate limits on a per workspace basis.

We establish rate limits in Jasper's API to safeguard against abuse and to ensure optimal performance and stability for all of our customers using the API.

Rate limits are on a per-workspace basis, and the default values are as follows:

Request MethodEndpointRate limit
POST/commands105 RPM (6,300 per hour)
POST/templates/:id/run105 RPM (6,300 per hour)
POST/keep-writing105 RPM (6,300 per hour)
GET/templates200 RPM (12,000 per hour)
GET/templates/:id200 RPM (12,000 per hour)

If you expect to scale past these rate limits, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager so that the API team can coordinate with your engineering team, and increase your workspace's rate limits if needed.


AI Engine Fallbacks

In order to circumvent third-party model provider rate limits, downtime, or performance degradation, the Jasper's AI Engine configures a priority-order of fallbacks on a per endpoint, per-use case (e.g template) basis. This feature is intended to ensure integration is not impacted by downstream LLM provider issues or rate limits.