Using Commands

Our Commands template is a multi-purpose template that allows you to explore open-ended prompting with Jasper's AI models.

When calling the Commands endpoint, you can hard-code prompts and/or have users input prompts when interacting with your app to generate AI Outputs.

Here are a few ways you can use Commands as part of your integration:

  • Summarizing content - you can use Commands to summarize lengthy or complex information into smaller, digestible chunks

    Summarize this content into 5 concise bullet points 
    Summarize this paragraph into a few short sentences
  • Rephrasing content - you can use Commands to rephrase content based on tone, audience, or other variables

    Rephrase the Input using a helpful, informative tone of voice
    Rephrase this content for technical buyers
  • Rewrite or Remix content - you can use Commands to rewrite existing content

    Rewrite this content stressing the same points but using different words
  • Improving content - you can use Commands to improve your content or ask for suggestions on how to improve your content

    Improve the Input to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging. Do not repeat any of the input verbatim.
    In what ways could I improve Input to make it more interesting and readable?